The Kavanagh Education Trust

About the Trust

The Kavanagh Education Trust is a private family trust established originally in 1986 and reconstituted in 2002. It was created by three brothers—Joseph J. Kavanagh, Eugene W. Kavanagh and Lloyd R. Kavanagh—for the purpose of helping family members obtain an education. They believed that an education would enable a person to reach his or her greatest potential, improve a person's life and make the world a better place for all of us.

The original grantors had humble Ohio roots as children of poor farming parents. They grew up during the Great Depression and struggled to obtain the education that would give them opportunities to excel. They wanted to share their successes and their convictions about the value of education with their family for generations to come.

The trust is governed by a declaration of trust and administered by five trustees. Currently the trustees are children, nieces or nephews of the grantors. The names and addresses of the grantors can be found on the trustees page.

Applicants for grants from the trust must be relatives of William and Rose Kavanagh, the parents of the grantors. Awards from the trust are made annually and have gone to assist recipients in the payment of the cost of undergraduate and graduate studies. By adopted rules, the awards shall not exceed the cost of tuition, room and board at Ohio State University, though the recipient need not attend OSU.

For more information about this family trust, contact any of the trustees. Visit the information page for information about applications and the rules of operation. There is no cost to apply and awards are made annually at the discretion of the trustees.